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Maryland Vs. Virginia: Terps Take 7-3 Lead On D.J. Adams' Touchdown

It did not take very long for the Maryland Terrapins to respond to Virginia's field goal. The Terps got down the field quickly, using a deep pass and a couple penalties to get the ball to the six-yard line. From there, running back D.J. Adams got in from six yards out to give Maryland a 7-3 lead.

The Terps' drive began with a pass interference penalty on a pass to wide receiver Adrian Canon. Two plays later, quarterback Danny O'Brien found Torrey Smith for a 35-yard pass on third down to extend the drive. On third and nine, Ronnie Tyler caught an 11-yard short pass for a first down, and the Cavaliers committed a roughing the passer penalty to get to the six-yard line. That set up Adams' touchdown run.

The Terps look like they will try to test Virginia deep. It worked on the long pass to Smith, and it worked in drawing the penalty on Canon to start the drive. They also converted two third downs on the drive, which bodes well for them going forward.