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Maryland Vs. Virginia: Danny O'Brien's Quarterback Sneak Gives Terps 14-10 Lead

It looked like Virginia had control of this football game against Maryland. They shocked the Terps with a 16-yard fake field goal touchdown to take a 10-7 lead. But the Terps have responded with two huge plays to take a 14-10 lead.

Facing third down deep in their own territory, quarterback Danny O'Brien lofted a deep pass towards Torrey Smith once again. Smith, again, caught it, this time with two men on him, and cut back across the field to run inside the 10-yard line for a 62-yard gain. On the next play, after a five-yard penalty, O'Brien ran it in himself from 12 yards out to give Maryland the lead.

Virginia had a nice drive going prior to this one, but two false start penalties forced them to punt to Maryland. It looked like Maryland fumbled the punt, but luckily for the Terps, they were able to recover. They got two first downs before Smith's big catch.