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Maryland Vs. Virginia: D.J. Adams' Fourth Down Conversions Put Terps Up 21-10

Freshman quarterback Danny O'Brien continues to be the difference for the Terrapins today.

While the Cavaliers have relied mostly on their special teams and trick plays to stay in the ballgame, Maryland has gotten it down in more of a traditional way: through the air, and the short running game.

Danny O'Brien connected with Quintin McCree on a 55-yard pass. McCree got behind the Virginia defense and used his speed to take the ball inside Virginia's 21-yard line.

The drive didn't stop there. Maryland is in contention for the ACC Championship, and the team doesn't seem willing to settle for field goals. On fourth-and-one from  Virginia's 12-yard line, the Terrapins initially sent in their field goal unit. Ralph Friedgen called a timeout though and, upon further consideration, put the ball into running back D.J. Adams' hands. Adams rushed up the middle for the first down, and three plays later, when the Terrapins found themselves with a fourth down decision again, Adams once again powered past the right side of the line and into the end zone.