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VIDEO: Florida State's Dustin Hopkins Deals A Dagger To Maryland's ACC Title Hopes

In one of the weirdest ACC college football seasons in recent memory, it's only fitting that a 55-yard field goal from one of the most maligned kickers in Division I football makes a huge difference in the ACC championship race. That's exactly what happened last night when Florida State took on Clemson. 

The game was tied at 13, and with nothing to lose, the Seminoles decided to set up kicker Dustin Hopkins for a 55-yard field goal. Last week, Hopkins missed two fourth-quarter field goals, including a game-winning attempt, in a 37-35 loss to North Carolina. It would be easy for Jimbo Fisher to have no faith in him. Instead, Fisher sent him out for the game-winning field goal, and Hopkins came through.

Hopkins kick threw a monkey wrench in the ACC Atlantic Division race. First things first, it knocked Clemson out of the picture. More importantly, though, it put Florida State at 5-2, a half a game up on North Carolina State and Maryland. Next weekend's Maryland-Florida State game in prime time now carries even more significance. 

(HT: SB Nation)