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What Must Ralph Friedgen Do To Keep His Job?

Following their big win over the Virginia Cavaliers yesterday, the Maryland Terrapins are now 4-2 in the ACC, and 7-3 overall, with a chance to compete for the ACC Championship.

So with that impressive record, Ralph Friedgen's job must be safe, right?

Doesn't sound like it.

A trio of reporters asked Maryland athletic director Kevin Anderson after Saturday's Virginia game whether Friedgen's seventh win meant his job was secured for next season. "Looking for the eighth (win)," Anderson replied.

The Baltimore Sun's Jeff Barker goes on to explain that Anderson probably didn't mean to imply that Friedgen needs to win next Saturday to keep his job. He just meant that the team really wants to beat Florida State.

After last season's disappointing 2-10 record, the Terrapins were picked by most to finish towards the bottom of the ACC again this year. But Frieden continues to defy the odds, just as he always have. He'll be entering the final year of his contract in 2011 barring any changes.

That is if he even makes it that far.