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BCS Rankings, Week 12: Virginia Tech, Miami And Florida St. Represent The ACC In BCS Top 25

The ACC typically doesn't get a lot of respect as a football powerhouse, but this year they are playing some quality football. There are three teams that represent the ACC in these the most recent BCS rankings.

Virginia Tech at 16th is the unquestioned class of the conference. After a pretty miserable in the first two weeks of the season, Virginia Tech has rebounded pretty well and it playing some excellent football. They are the best team playing in the ACC right now and are the favorites to make the Orange Bowl.

We are all pretty familiar with Miami, who comes in at 24. The fact that they have managed to hang around in the BCS rankings even without their quarterback and arguably best player in Jacory Harris is commendable.

We'll get to know 25th ranked Florida St. a lot more in the coming week. If they don't appear in these rankings that means that Maryland has probably done its job and beat them this weekend. If they stay where they are or even rise a little bit that means the Terps' shot at the ACC Title Game is probably done.

Any way it turns out, it is pretty good for the ACC to have three teams ranked in the top 25, even if they all appear after 16th.