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College Football Rankings: Maryland Receves A Vote In The AP Poll

A few weeks ago we were all very happy to see that Maryland was receiving votes in both the polls, because it meant that they ad kind of arrived as a team to be taken seriously. Then they went out and lost to Miami and gave back all the votes they had gotten. But they beat Virginia in convincing fashion this weekend, and started the long road back to being ranked.

The Good News: In the most recent AP Poll, Maryland receives one vote, which means people are still considering them a good team.

The Bad News: Delaware received the same number of votes. Maryland's one vote is only half as many as Tulsa and Syracuse received. It's better than it was last weekend, but it's still not great.It's also 37 votes fewer than North Carolina St. got, and the Wolf Pack stand in the Terps' way to the ACC Title Game.

The important thing to remember about getting one vote in the AP Poll and being ranked right around the 35th best team in the area does not mean that is the beleif held by everyone who contributes to that poll. They only got one vote, which means that only one person considered them worth their time. Everyone else didn't even mention them.

Better than last year and better than the alternative it certainly is, but it still isn't particularly good.