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Florida St. Vs. Maryland: Danny O'Brien Ties Game At 10

Just when you thought that the Maryland offense was in for another long drive, the wrong team had the ball, and it was going the wrong way.

On what appeared to be a blown protection scheme on an option play, Danny O'Brien faced a Seminole player in the backfield before he could even turn to pitch the ball to Davin Meggett. Mister Alexander of Florida State recovered and ran the ball down to Maryland's 29-yard line. Seven plays later, the Seminoles kicked a field goal to increase their lead to 10-3.

On the next drive, Maryland was able to get back to business with another signature long drive for O'Brien. The Terrapins did face some more adversity this time though, as it looked like another turnover was overruled. A Seminole defensive back struck defenseless receiver Da'Rel Scott in the head unnecessarily, popping the ball up and into the arms of Mike Harris, who returned the presumed interception for a score. The referee got it right though, overturning the play and calling a 15-yard personal foul penalty on Florida State for the vicious hit.

With Maryland retaining possession, their quarterback went to work, earning first down after first down. O'Brien capped off the drive with his17th touchdown of the year. He connected with tight end Will Yeatman on third and goal to tie the game at 10.