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Florida St. Vs. Maryland: Second Travis Baltz Field Goal Gives Terrapins 13-10 Lead

The Maryland Terrapins' "bend but don't break" defense is working for them. They may be giving up yardage, but they haven't given up any points in the second quarter.

A long drive by Florida States early in the quarter ended in a missed field goal attempt by Dustin Hopkins. According to D1scourse, this makes the 11th time this season that Maryland has escaped without allowing any points to be scored after their opponents entered the red zone.

One drive later, Maryland was stopping the Seminoles again. This time though it wasn't via a missed field goal. It was via a takeaway. Florida State quarterback Christian Ponder couldn't have made it much easier for Maryland, as he threw the ball right into the hands of corner back Kenny Tate.

Maryland started with the ball on the Florida State 28-yard, and didn't go very far with it before turning to Travis Baltz. The kicker nailed a 32-yard field goal to put Maryland back up by a score of 13-10.