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Bowl Projections: Maryland Could Play Locally In Military Bowl

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We discussed two possible college bowl game destinations for the Maryland Terrapins early tonight: the Meineke Car Care Bowl and the Music City Bowl.

If the representatives of the Military Bowl have their way, they could be choosing the geographically closest team to play in RFK Stadium at 2:30 PM on December 29th.

An appearance in the Military Bowl would give Maryland a practical home field advantage. Maryland doesn't get much say in its bowl game destination, but since a visit to one of the premier ACC bowl games is no longer realistic, the Military Bowl might be a fairly desirable spot.

If Maryland's schedule leads the team to the Military Bowl, the Terrapins would face a team from Conference USA. Southern Mississippi seems like the likeliest candidate from Conference USA, but Eastern Carolina is also bowl eligible and could make an appearance as well. Both teams have a conference record of 5-2, but the Southern Miss Golden Eagles have two more total wins, and also have a non-conference win over Kansas to their credit.