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Maryland Vs. N.C. State: Wolfpack Gain Quick 7-0 Lead on the Terps

The Wolfpack have drawn first blood against the Terps.

After forcing the Terps to punt quickly, the Wolfpack offense showed how lethal they can be. NC State's scoring drive was sparked by a big play from Darrel Davis, who caught a Russel Wilson pass over the middle, and tried to extend the play by running after the catch, but fumbled the ball forward. Fortunately for the Wolfpack, that fumble was recovered by the Wolfpack's Jarvis Williams at the Maryland 32 yard line. 

Russel Wilson then showed why he is one of the most dangerous quarterbacks in the ACC. After rolling to his right, he noticed a huge hole on the left side of the Maryland defense. He scrambled all the way across the field towards that opening and gained 15 yards to the Maryland 3 yard line. From there, the Wolfpack made it look easy. Two player later, Russel Wilson rushed for a two-yard touchdown which gave the Wolfpack a quick 7-0 lead.

The Wolfpack have started the game out by playing like a team that needs to win to get to the ACC championship game. If Maryland hopes to compete, they must be able to match the intensity that the Wolfpack have been displaying thus far.