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Maryland Vs. N.C. State: Wolfpack Score Again as NC State is up 14-0 on the Terps

Unfortunately for the Terps, through two drives, the Wolfpack offense is looking unstoppable.

The Wolfpack scored another TD after getting the ball back on downs from Maryland. The scoring drive started with a sack of Russel Wilson, and a completion on the sideline, which was then reviewed and overturned. After the reviewed catch was overturned in Maryland's favor, it only took Russel Wilson and company 5 plays to turn a would-be wasted opportunity into another NC State score.

Russel Wilson was on fire as he hit 5 completions in a row en route to giving the Wolfpack the 14-0 first quarter lead against the Terps. Wilson hit passes of 18, 21, 4, and 11 yards before hitting Owen Spencer on a 15 yard touchdown over the middle.

The Terps are in need of a quick score before this game gets out of hand.