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Maryland Vs. N.C. State: Terps Turnover Sets up Easy Score to Tie N.C. State, 14-14

If the first quarter belonged to the Wolfpack, the second quarter so far definitely belongs to the Terps.

After a missed field goal gave N.C State the ball back with decent field position, the Maryland defense struck. Russel Wilson threw a pass over the middle that was intercepted by Eric Franklin, who returned the ball to the N.C State 3 yard line, giving the Terps an easy opporunity to tie the game. After two failed plays at the goal line (including a trick play for a major loss), the Terps finally cashed in the turnover for a touchdown.Danny O'Brien hit a diving Torrey Smith in the back of the endzone to knot the score at 14, and Maryland now has the momentum against the Wolfpack.

The NC State offense is beginning to sputter, with missed throws, dropped passes, and most importantly, turnovers. It the Terps hope to take the lead, they must continue to contain the NC State offense like they have so far in the second quarter. If they can continue to do so, the offense will be able to give Maryland their first lead of the contest.