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Maryland Vs. N.C. State: Wolfpack Claw Back, Trail Terps 24-17

After the Terps scored 24 unanswered points, the Wolfpack finally managed to score to cut into Maryland's lead with a field goal to make it 24-17 Maryland going into the fourth quarter.

Russel Wilson was more accurate on a 13 play, 61 yard drive that led to a 31 yard Josh Czajkowski field goal. However, he was the victim of some poor drops, several that could have led to Wolfpack touchdowns. Because of those missed opportunities, the Maryland defense got off the hook for allowing several open receivers near the goal line.  

With a quarter left to play, the Terps need to continue focusing on stoppin Wilson, as he has shown that he is the only player on the Wolfpack capable of beating the Terps.