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Maryland Vs. N.C. State: Torrey Smith Catches 3rd TD as Terps Lead 31-14

Terps strike again. And again, Danny O'Brien is showing why the Terps' future is bright

O'Brien led another scoring scoring drive that ended in a Torrey Smith touchdown catch that has given the Terps a 31-17 lead.

It only took 3 plays to give the Terps the two touchdown lead. The first was one where O'Brien was pressured to his right, and managed to sling it to Kevin Dorsey for a 20 yard gain. The second play was a wide receiver screen to Quintin McCree that went for 20 yards. The third and final play of the drive was a 12 yard pass to the right corner of the end zone to a wide open Smith.

Danny O'Brien's stats so far this game? 31 for 45 for 338 yards, with 3 touchdowns and no picks.

With over 10 minutes left in the 4th quarter, the Terps must continue to clamp down Russel Wilson and keep the pedal down on offense.