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Maryland Vs. N.C. State: Terps Deliver the Dagger As Smith Catches 4th TD, Lead NC State 38-17

The Terps have just delivered the dagger to the N.C. State, and the Wolfpack can say goodbye to their ACC title hopes. Maryland has just scored on a 71 yard touchdown catch by Torrey Smith, his 4th of the day.

After the Terps defense made a critical 4th down stop inside the red zone, the red hot Terps offense came back on the field and kept the pedal down. The first and only play of the drive was a play action fake, with Smith getting wide open over the middle and Danny O'Brien hitting him in stride just past midfield. Several yards and a goal post dunk later, the Terps took a 21 point lead that looks to be the score that keeps the lead safe.

Much credit should be given to Danny O'Brien and the Terps from coming back from not only a heart-breaking loss last week, but from a slow start this week. All 38 points that Maryland has scored have been from the second quarter and on. Meanwhile, the Terps defense has held the Wolfpack to just 3 points in that span.