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Maryland Vs. N.C. State: Wolfpack Keep it Interesting as they Trail Terps 38-31

Just when you thought the Terps delivered the dagger, the Wolfpack have answered with 14 quick points. 

NC State scored a quick touchdown on a Russel Wilson quarterback sneak shortly after Maryland gained the 38-17 lead. The Terps were flagged for an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, which gave the Wolfpack better field position in the case of a recovered onsides kick. As it turns out, NC State did recover the onsides kick and began driving again with great field position. 

After Wilson was able to maneuver his way down field, it became evident that this game is not over. That fact become most evident when Wilson hit James Washington for a 3 yard touchdown, shockingly cutting the Terps lead to just 7 when it seemed like the Terps were going to surely hang on.

The Terps have recovered the onsides kick attempt and will attempt to gain a first down to keep the ball out of NC State's hands for the rest of the game.