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Maryland Vs. Miami: '75 Percent' Chance Jacory Harris Sits Out With Concussion

This game on Saturday is by far the biggest game they will have played this season. On the road, against a very good team and in a position where they control their own destiny. A win against Miami would go a long way in helping the Terps gain some respect on the national level, and even in some of the polls. We never root for an injury here, but it would be a huge boon for Maryland if Jacory Harris isn't able to go. As of today, it seems like that is going to be the case.

Randy Shannon: "75 percent chance" Jacory Harris won't play against Terps. Harris didn't practice yesterday; not expected to practice today.less than a minute ago via TweetDeck

Harris still has a few days to recover before he has to be officially ruled out of the game, but 75 is a pretty high number. And nobody seems to be in a hurry to rush players back from concussions after the recent outrage over head injuries. Smart money is on Harris sitting out on Saturday, but again, nothing is set in stone.

Stephen Morris played pretty well in Miami's last game against Virginia, throwing for two touchdowns and running in for another. But he is just a true freshman (he had two interceptions as well) and his inexperience is something the Terps defense should be able to capitalize on.

Defensive coordinator Don Brown has done an excellent job drawing up exotic blitz schemes this season to put pressure on the opposing quarterback and this game should be an extension of that theme.