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College Football Rankings: Maryland Now Getting Votes In The SB Nation Blog Poll

The guys over at SB put together a weekly blogpoll ranking that is open to all of our college football individual team blogs. Not surprisingly, Maryland sits just outside the Top 25, pretty similar to where they stand in the AP and USA Today polls.

According to the incredibly in depth research the poll allows you to do, we can find out exactly who voted for the Terps and where they voted them in. Maryland received one vote for the 24th spot on the ballot cast by NittanyWhiteOut, the network's Penn State blog. I would have thought it would come our very own Testudo Times, but it's nice to see Penn State has love for the Terps. Especially after they've stolen so many of our local recruits recently.

There were three blogs (Over The Pylon: Ball State, BC Draft: Boston College and In The Bleachers) ranked Maryland as the 25th best team in the nation. Four votes in the top 25 isn't really that close to being included in the final poll, but it's a pretty good start. And it's definitely better then I thought the Terps would be doing after there 2-10 campaign last year.