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Maryland Vs. Miami: Kevin Dorsey Catches First Career Touchdown To Give Terps 7-6 Lead

The Maryland Terrapins have been trying to beat the Miami Hurricanes deep all game. They finally did it on the first play of the second quarter. Danny O'Brien lofted a beautiful pass to Kevin Dorsey, who reeled it in and stayed inbounds for a 42-yard touchdown, his first of his career.

O'Brien had tried to look for Torrey Smith a couple times, but the passes fell incomplete. This time, he got plenty of time and delivered a beautiful throw to Dorsey's outside shoulder. Dorsey was the only guy who could possibly catch the ball on the play, and he did so while staying inbounds and getting the ball across the plane for the touchdown. The play was reviewed, but the original ruling on the field was upheld.

The Terps now lead 7-6 after Travis Baltz hit the extra point. When Miami scored, they fumbled the snap on the extra point. That point could loom large later in the game.

Maryland managed to keep the drive alive twice on third down. First, O'Brien found Smith for 11 yards on a third and 10, and then he found Dorsey on the sidelines for a nine-yard gain on third and eight. Those plays set up the long touchdown pass.