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Maryland Vs. Miami: Travis Baltz's 27-Yard Field Goal Gives Terps 17-12 Lead

Maryland was able to respond to Miami's score, which is good news for them. The bad news is that they were only able to get a field goal. On third and goal, wide receiver Adrian Canon dropped Danny O'Brien's fade route, forcing the Terps to settle for a 27-yard Travis Baltz field goal. They now lead Miami 17-12.

Two big runs set up Maryland's score. First, fullback Taylor Watson rumbled for 15 yards to get the ball to midfield. Then, tailback Davin Meggett got a seam and raced forward for 37 yards, cutting the ball back to the left side to pick up extra yardage. Danny O'Brien then converted a key third down inside the red zone with an 11-yard pass to Da'Rel Scott, but the drive stalled after Jamar Robinson checked in and mishandled the snap on second and goal. On third down, O'Brien tried throwing a fade route to Canon, but Canon dropped the pass, forcing Maryland to settle for Baltz's 27-yard field goal.

Miami will now get the ball back on their own 20-yard line with three minutes and 21 seconds left in the half. You have to wonder if this was a missed opportunity for Maryland, especially if Miami can come out and have a good drive.