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Maryland Vs. Miami: Matt Bosher Field Goal Give Hurricanes 18-17 Lead

The Terrapins looked to be in trouble at the beginning of the second half. Miami started with the ball and was having no trouble moving the ball on the ground. Two long runs however were erased due to penalties, and the Hurricanes were forced to punt the ball away.

The Maryland offense took the field for only three plays though before Miami was able to get back to work. Maryland quarterback Danny O'Brien was sacked on third down and the Terrapins punted as well.

Travis Baltz's punt netted Maryland only 32-yards though, and Miami got right back to business on the ensuing possession. The Hurricanes methodically drove the ball down inside Maryland's 20-yard line, before falling prey to penalties once again. The drive stalled at that point, but kicker Matt Bosher, who had struggled earlier in the contest, converted a 32-yard field goal attempt to put the Hurricanes back on top. The home team now leads 18-17