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Maryland Vs. Miami: Leonard Hankerson Catches 35-Yard Touchdown To Give Hurricanes The Lead

It looked like Maryland would come away with this game when punter Travis Baltz boomed a 62-yard punt to push Miami back to their own 18-yard line. Miami had three minutes and no timeouts, making a game-winning drive tough. But somehow, they got it done. 

True freshman Stephen Morris found wide receiver Leonard Hankerson behind the defense for a 35-yard touchdown, giving Miami a 26-20 lead with less than a minute left in the game. Morris delivered a beautiful pass, and the Hurricanes converted a two-point conversion to give Miami the six-point lead.

Two plays made a difference on this drive. First, Maryland committed a 15-yard roughing the passer penalty that brought the ball to midfield. Then, on third and 11, Morris scrambled for 16 yards and got out of bounds, setting up Hankerson's touchdown.

Maryland has just one timeout left and 37 seconds to somehow get a game-winning touchdown.