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Maryland Still Controls Its Own Destiny

If you thought that their heart-breaking last minute defeat earlier today killed the Maryland Terrapins' chances to be ACC Champions, you're dead wrong. SB Nation's University of Maryland blog Testudo Times has done the math, and the Terrapins actually do still control their own destiny.

The Terrapins have just three games remaining in the 2010 season: at Virginia, home against Florida State, and home against N.C. State. All against familiar opponents, all winnable games. Win out and Maryland will be playing in the ACC Championship in Charlotte on December 4.

Technically, Maryland is tied with the Seminoles and Wolfback at the top of the ACC Atlantic division. Losses by both teams today certainly helped Maryland's cause. All three of the teams tied at the top of the division lost on fourth quarter comebacks.

Three more wins and the Terrapins are through to Charlotte. A loss next week in Charlottesville and the Terrapins still have a chance, according to Testudo Times.

If Maryland falls to UVA, they won't technically control their own destiny, because then what other teams do would come into play and it would get complicated. Essentially, if Maryland loses to UVA, Clemson wins their final two games (FSU, Wake), FSU loses their final two games (Clemson, MD), and N.C. State loses two more games (UNC, MD, Wake), Clemson wins the division. That's a lot of ifs, but if they happened, it wouldn't matter if MD beat FSU and N.C. State or not.

Hey, I've got a better idea. Just win, baby.