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Vanderbilt Head Coach Will Soon Officially Be James Franklin

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It's been a couple days since the latest report that Maryland offensive coordinator James Franklin was in line to become Vanderbilt's next head coach, which was curious, to say the least. At last, though, it looks like this deal is close to official. A member of Vanderbilt's search committee told Jeff Lockridge of The Tennessean that Franklin's hiring is imminent.

Maryland offensive coordinator James Franklin is about to be named Vanderbilt's next football coach, Vanderbilt Board of Trust and search committee member John Ingram said Thursday afternoon.

"We're about to have this all wrapped up," Ingram said.   

SB Nation's Vanderbilt blog Anchor of Gold, as well as, both reported via Twitter that Franklin has accepted the job and will be announced soon. 

Franklin comes hoping to bring stability to a program that hasn't had it in a long time. Franklin is Vanderbilt's third head coach in six months. Longtime coach Bobby Johnson retired abruptly in July, and interim coach Robbie Caldwell stepped down in late November after just one season on the job. 

Franklin had been Maryland's head coach in-waiting, an arrangement negotiated by former athletic director Debbie Yow. Current athletic director Kevin Anderson didn't subscribe to that arrangement, and current coach Ralph Friedgen covets an extension. This move by Franklin clears up that awkwardness.