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New Vanderbilt Football Coach James Franklin Will Be Announced On Facebook


Facebook has become a worldwide phenomenon. The film about the creation of the social networking site, aptly titled The Social Network, is nominated for several awards. Founder Mark Zuckerberg was recently named Time Magazine's Person of the Year. Suffice to say, Facebook has changed the way that people communicate with each other.

And now, apparently, that includes making official announcements about your new football coach. At least if you're James Franklin and you're about to be hired as Vanderbilt's football coach.

Franklin, the former Maryland offensive coordinator, is expected to become Vanderbilt's new head coach. Yet, Vanderbilt officials have still not made an official announcement. The school has evidently decided to post said official announcement on Facebook once information becomes available, perhaps signaling the beginning of sports news being broadcast on Facebook.

What happens if not enough people like the status about the new coach? Will that determine his salary? Let's just hope that whoever it is, they don't have any incriminating photos tagged of them.

(HT to Every Day Should Be Saturday for the image)