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New Vanderbilt Coach: James Franklin Will Not Coach Maryland In The Military Bowl

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Somehow, we are still waiting on official word from either the University, or James Franklin himself, that he has been hired to be the new head coach at Vanderbilt. It feels like he has been there for a month already, but he isn't even officially a Commodore. But we are getting closer, according to Chick Hernandez.

Not signed but sealed and delivered, James Franklin is the new head coach at Vanderbilt. Intros tomorrow, he will not coach in the Military Bowl for the Terps.

Who would seal the envelope and deliver the contract without signing it? That seems reckless and irresponsible. Now you're gonna have to steam it open to get to the contract without Franklin noticing you've been tampering with it. Probably should have just done it the other way around. Alright, moving on. Enough with the shtick.

We've been waiting for the other shoe to drop on this deal for a little while now, so I'm hoping that this little bit of news is the beginning of the end of this saga. Franklin missing out on the Military Bowl is obviously bad in terms of continuity for the Maryland offense, but that hopefully won't be a problem against ECU. Maybe that's the silver lining of only getting invited to the Military Bowl? Any better of an opponent and the Terps would have probably lost without their offensive coordinator. So there's that. We'll let you know when the Franklin deal is official.