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ESPN's Joe Schad Names Mike Leach, Mike Locksley, Tyrone Willingham As Possible Head Coaches For Maryland

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In what has to be the craziest day in D.C. sports in recent memory, we now have a shocking turn of events at the University of Maryland.

Joe Schad of ESPN was the first to report earlier that Maryland may seek to buyout the remaining year on head coach Ralph Friedgen's contract. Now Schad is also speculating on potential replacements for the 10-year coach.

If Ralph Friedgen does not return to Md. in '11, potential names include Mike Leach, Tyrone Willingham and Mike Locksley

Schad went on to suggest that Leach could be attractive to the program due to his close relationship with Under Armour, that Willingham could be the guy because he was at California with Kevin Anderson previously, and that Locksley could be targeted because he is a D.C. native.

Leach had a 84-43 record as head coach of the Texas Tech Red Raiders before getting fired for locking a player in a dark shed. Leach can brag to the fact that one of his quarterbacks (Tim Couch) was once selected first overall in the NFL Draft. This doesn't seem to bode well for Danny O'Brien.

Willingham has been a head coach at Stanford, Notre Dame, and Washington with a career record of 76-88-1. Willingham's most recent experience saw him fired as coach of the Huskies for going 0-12 in 2008, making that the first winless season for Washington in 119 years.

Locksley has an interesting past that includes a suspension for punching an assistant coach, and he may also have an interesting future if he stays put at New Mexico, but he's also well-known as an excellent recruiter.