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Why Mike Leach Is Favored To Replace Ralph Friedgen At Maryland

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So it appears the Ralph Friedgen era is over.

So the biggest question for the Maryland football program i s: Now what?

The most interesting part of all the reports of Friedgen's buyout is that Mike Leach, the former Texas Tech coach, is favored to take over for Fridge.

The question is, why Leach? What connection does he have to the Maryland football program?

Well, it appears that Leach does indeed have a relationship, albeit a loose one, with the Maryland program.

Leach has a relationship with Kevin Plank, the founder of Under Armour and former Maryland football player, because Texas Tech signed on with the sports apparel company around 2006 or 2007. Plank contributes a great deal of money to the Maryland football program each year, so it would not be a surprise if Plank begins to lobby Leach to take the Maryland job.

If Maryland is able to land Leach, they would be getting a coach who led the Red Raiders to 10 straight winning seasons before he was fired.

Although  Friedgen was able to have a come back year in 2010, it wasn't enough to impress new Athletic Director Kevin Anderson.

Apparently Leach may be the person in Anderson's eyes that will help the program take the next step.