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Mike Leach Expected To Become D.C.'s Newest Colorful Character

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Washington D.C. lost one of its most unique characters over the years when Gilbert Arenas was traded to the Orlando Magic. For some, it's a sad day because the color may be gone from D.C. sports for a while.

If you're one of those people, though, you're in luck. Just as Arenas is leaving, another character, Mike Leach, is coming in. The former Texas Tech coach is widely expected to be announced as Ralph Friedgen's replacement later today, and he brings with him a pedigree of success, even if his career at Texas Tech ended in controversy. But he also brings a lot of color with him, and will certainly provide us all with plenty of blog fodder going forward.

Testudo Times recapped the Leach package the other day, and since the news is about to become official, we decided it was worth taking a second look. Make the jump to get some advice from Leach on dating, reading the weather and giving a proper press conference tirade.

If you can make women [eat in front of you] the more the better, the more they will conversate and show their true self.

"The thing on the screen is just a little too sure of it for my taste. Me personally, expect sun."

Leach's expert football analysis. 

Damn those fat little girlfriends. Always messing up the best college athletes.