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Maryland Football Coach Ralph Friedgen Will Receive His Full Salary After Being Fired

We've received more details on what it means for Ralph Friedgen that he and Maryland could not agree on a buyout of the last year of his contract. According to Steve Yanda of the Washington Post, Friedgen will be fired, but will still receive his full $2 million salary in 2011.

Athletic Director Kevin Anderson was only briefly involved in the buyout discussions, the source said. Anderson handed off talks to university legal counsel Susan Bayly after a discussion with Friedgen's attorney did not go well, according to the source.

Because he would not agreed to retire, the remainder of Friedgen's contract -- worth roughly $2 million -- will be paid in full.

Apparently, the talks were pretty heated. Maryland tried to soften the blow by offering Friedgen a spot in the Ring of Honor, but Friedgen said no. Eventually, talks stopped at around 10 a.m., once it became clear that Friedgen wasn't changing his mind. Therefore, the Terps will have to pay his salary in 2011.

Considering the way he's been pushed out after such a great season, it's not a surprise that Friedgen was in no mood to talk about a buyout. Maybe he won't get that spot on the Ring of Honor, but people will understand his impact on the prgram anyway.