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Mike Leach Says He Hasn't Been Contacted To Become Next Maryland Football Coach

All signs point to former Texas Tech head coach Mike Leach becoming the next head coach at Maryland after a report over the weekend. However, it's worth noting that Leach himself says he hasn't spoken to Maryland yet.

In a radio interview earlier Monday, Leach said that while he "would talk to Maryland" about their eventual head coaching vacancy, he hasn't yet spoken to anyone at the university.Via Jeff Barker of the Baltimore Sun:

Leach said he hasn't spoken with Maryland, at least not yet. "A lot of rumors going around. I haven't talked to anybody at Maryland."    

Leach said he hasn't talked to Maryland yet because he feels it "wouldn't be appropriate" to outgoing coach Ralph Friedgen, who has not officially been fired from the program yet. He said he's received a lot of messages asking him about his future, but has yet to answer them. He also admitted that he wants to get back into coaching, hence the comments about how he would talk to Maryland when appropriate. 

Despite these comments, all signs seem to point to Leach being the program's next head coach. It just make take a little longer than expected.