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Could Ralph Friedgen Physically Endure Another Contract?

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Among all of the hoopla that was Maryland Athletic Director Kevin Anderson's press conference officially announcing head coach Ralph Friedgen's departure, someone asked Anderson if he thought that Friedgen could "physically endure another long-term contract." Anderson replied with a simple "no," but really, could someone affectionally known as "Fridge" physically endure a long-term contract?


Friedgen once weighed over 400 pounds, but thanks to a low-calorie diet, lost over 100 of those pesky pounds by August 2009. Before he found a diet that worked for him, he got himself around on a golf cart. Essentially, Friedgen was so overweight that he needed help to move. 

But that was the old "Fridge." The new "Fridge" has since ditched the golf cart and is smaller than his "Fridge" counterpart, William Perry, who since he retired from football, has lost the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest to someone at least four times smaller than him. Friedgen pacing the sideline with his stomach hanging out will not just be a lasting image of his legacy, but has become a norm in football.

Fridgen could endure another long-term contract and should, considering his credentials. Another university will hire him and it'll be a notch on his belt. And he has extra notches since he's lost so much weight.