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Maryland Fans Will Be Rooting For Virginia Tech In ACC Title Game

It will be bittersweet for Maryland Terrapins fans to see the Virginia Tech Hokies win the ACC Championship Game tomorrow night.

We'll be rooting for the Hokies, but not because Blacksburg is closer to College Park than Tallahassee (it is, just barely), or because we have a couple buddies who went there (we do), or because that Enter Sandman introduction they do is pretty freakin' rad (it is).

We'll be rooting for the Hokies because they are not Florida State.

A victory for Florida State would be even more painful to watch, because the Terrapins came so darn close to beating the Seminoles just two weeks ago. If not for a blown interception call and an FSU punt that bounced off a Maryland blocker's back, the Terrapins could very well be playing in the ACC Title Game rather than the Seminoles. It was the kind of call and the kind of bounce that always seems to go against Maryland. And that always seems to go in favor of teams like the Seminoles.

This isn't to say that Maryland would have a great chance at winning the ACC Championship. But it sure would be nice to be there.