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BCS Bowl Projections: Virginia Tech Is Orange Bowl Bound After ACC Championship Win

The Virginia Tech Hokies entered Saturday unsure of their Bowl destination. But with their win over Florida State in the ACC Championship game, the Hokies have clinched a trip to the Orange Bowl in Miami, FL on Jan. 3.

Virginia Tech's opponent will not be decided until the Bowl game calendar is formally revealed tonight, but one can certainly speculate on the likely opponents,  based on where each BCS Bowl team is slated to play.

The National Championship Game will pit the Oregon Ducks against the Auburn Tigers. Due to Oregon's inclusion as a PAC-10 team in the BCS Championship, TCU will be heading out west to the Rose Bowl, where it will face the highest ranked team of the three Big Ten co-champions, which is Wisconsin.

The Sugar Bowl normally hosts the SEC winner, but with Auburn in the National Championship Game, the Bowl is likely to choose a different SEC team as a replacement. The Arkansas Razorbacks are the likeliest choice. For Arkansas' opponent, the Sugar Bowl will get the first choice between the three remaining at-large teams: Ohio State, Stanford, and Connecticut. With their large traveling fanbase, the Buckeyes will probably be selected.

The Orange Bowl is next on the list of at-large selections, and so Virginia Tech's opponent will likely be either the Stanford Cardinal or the Connecticut Huskies. Since UConn is under consideration to be the worst ever BCS team, Stanford is Virginia Tech's likeliest opponent, which would send Connecticut to the Fiesta Bowl against the Big 12 Champion Oklahoma Sooners.