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BCS Bowl Projections: Stanford Likely To Be Virginia Tech's Opponent In 2010 Orange Bowl

Once Virginia Tech won the ACC against Florida State, it clinched a berth in the Orange Bowl. However, it remains to be seen who their opponent will be. 

If the projections prove accurate, then the Hokies' opponent will be the Stanford Cardinals. Stanford went 10-1 for Jim Harbaugh, who is in his fourth year as the Cardinal's head coach. Stanford is also led by stud quarterback Andrew Luck, the sophmore sensation who will likely opt to go to the NFL after this season.

As for Frank Beamer's squad, they were able to rebound from an 0-2 start to rally to win 11 straight games, and went on to win the ACC. Senior Tyrod Taylor finished a stellar career at Tech by having a season to remember. Taylor threw for 23 touchdowns and just 4 interceptions, and will lead a red hot Hokie offense into the Orange Bowl.

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