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College Football Bowl Schedule: Early Odds And Picks For Local And ACC Bowl Games

The College Football Bowls are very nearly among us, and we have some early odds (from professional) and predictions (from me) on the games that involve either local teams, or ACC foes.

Poinsettia Bowl - Navy Vs. San Diego St.

No odds yet for this one as Navy still has a non-bowl game to play. Or maybe it's just way too close to call! Nah, probably just the former. We'll get back to this one when we know the spread. But for now, I'm taking Ricky Dobbs and Navy. Because frankly I don't know anything about San Diego St., and Ricky Dobbs is the man.

Independence Bowl - Air Force (-2) Vs. Georgia Tech

I can't think of a team that I heard less about this season than Georgia Tech. To be honest, I had no idea that they even played a game. But they did play well enough to make it into a bowl game against Air Force. This is a match up of teams that like to keep it on the ground, so this one may be over in less than two hours, and wouldn't that be nice. I like the Air Force in this one 35-28, because when I can't decide, I always go with the Armed Forces.

Champs Sports Bowl - West Virginia (-2) Vs. N.C. State

Wouldn't hit have been nice if they gave the Terps another crack at West Virginia? I like the Mountaineers in this one 28-21, because I'm still mad at the Wolf Pack.

Military Bowl - Maryland (-9) Vs. East Carolina

This one shouldn't be close at all. Maryland is too good to be in this game, and frankly it is a little bit of an insult that they are in it. East Carolina is a small conference school that should be over matched. But at the same time, this could be the kind of game where the Terps give a big let down. Maybe they aren't thrilled to be here and they come out flat against a team that sees a good opportunity to get a win over an automatic qualifier. Having said all that, I still like the Terps 35-17.

Meineke Car Care Bowl - South Florida Vs. Clemson (-4)

I'm from Connecticut, so I hesitate to say anything negative about my Huskies. But any team that loses at home to them in a game with so much on the line is not very good. Clemson is inconsistent, but they are certainly a much more talented team than the Bulls from South Florida. I always pick talent. Clemson wins this one 31-21.

Sun Bowl - Notre Dame Vs. Miami (-4)

This would ave been a great bowl for Maryland to play in because it would have let me feel like I was personally beating up on Notre Dame, and I can't think of a more enjoyable experience. I very strongly dislike the Irish, and I love everything about the U. If I didn't know the odds, the players on the team, or even what year it was (after 1960) I would pick Miami. The fact that the odds happen to corroborate my stance is just convenient. Miami wins 35-17

Chic-Fil-A Bowl - South Carolina (-3) Vs. Florida St.

The Game Cocks have to still have a bad taste in their mouth from the drubbing Auburn laid on them in the SEC Championship game. I think they come out and play hard against a Florida State team that I don't believe isn't as good as they have shown. South Carolina wins this one 24-21.

Orange Bowl - Stanford (-3) Vs. Virginia Tech

This might be the best match-up of all the BCS Bowls that won't be deciding the National Championship. The classic drop back quarterback takes on perhaps the best two way quarterback in the nation. As much as I fear Virginia Tech, I think that Andrew Luck is just too good. Stanford wins this one 31-24.

Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl - Nevada (-9.5) Vs. Boston College

Nevada beat Boise St. so that makes them the best team in the Country, right? Isn't that how this thing works? Either way, I think Boston College is not equipped to handle their option attack. I like Nevada by a bunch in this one. Even tough the spread is huge, I think they'll still get you a win if you pick them.