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Morning Commute: Maryland's Loss To Duke Reveals Need To Grow Up

Mike already covered the "they played pretty well even though they lost" angle last night, so I'm going to talk about what the loss revealed about them as a team, even though I'm very proud of the way my Terps held up against the top team in the Country.

The obvious one is free-throw shooting. It's been a big problem for Maryland all season long and it did them in at the end of the game last night. The Terps had so many chances to inch closer to the Blue Devils in the last few minutes, but they just couldn't convert from the stripe. Eventually, the fouls they drew were only good for getting the Blue Devils into foul trouble, which didn't really mean all that much considering their depth.

The biggest problem, in my eyes at least, was the play from the point guard position. Adrian Bowie was invisible for the entire game. He had five assists, but he only got one point and missed all four of his field goal attempts. Bowie is a senior, and he needs to be a leader in his actions and in his play. He just didn't do it for them last night.

Terrell Stoglin and Pe'Shon Howard played exactly like exciting freshmen, as we expected. They both had flashes, but ultimately were done in by their inexperience on a stage that big. Stoglin started bricking three-pointers toward the end of the game, and Howard was over-dribbling for most of the night. You can't expect any more from them, but I hope that they would be a little bit better when they play in a game like this next time. Somebody in this stable needs to.

Sean Mosley played pretty well, but he definitely could have brought a little bit more.

But there were good things. Jordan Williams continues to play out of his mind and got another big double-double last night. Dino Gregory was a delightful surprise with four blocks and a few nice looking jump shots. But unfortunately, the list ends there. You can't beat a team as deep and talented as Duke and expect to win when only two of your players have above average performances.

Overall, I'm proud of the way the Terps played. They fought, scrapped, and shut down the best team in the country for most of the Evening. But eventually I would like some real victories to come from their exemplary effort. I think Ben Broman at Testudo Times put it best.

There's nothing to be ashamed about, for sure, but there's certainly nothing to be satisfied about, either.

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