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Maryland Vs. Wake Forest: Terps Turning Things Around, Lead Demon Deacons 36-22 At Halftime

Part of Maryland's problems with winning games is holding onto leads. So far in Winston-Salem, they are having no problems at all.

Cliff Tucker's 14 points off of the bench lead the Terps, who hold a 36-22 edge over the Wake Forest Demon Deacons.

Sean Mosley, Adrian Bowie and Jordan Williams have combined for 18 points to go along with Tucker's 14. Haukur Palsson has the other four points for the Terps.

Maryland is shooting 37.1% from the field and is struggling from the free throw line as per usual, shooting 6-for-13. The 14-point lead could be bigger; the Demon Deacons are shooting 8-for-31 from the field and 2-of-10 from three.

Travis McKie leads Wake Forest with seven points.