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Maryland Vs. Villanova: Terps Have 36-33 Lead Going Into Half Against Villanova

Well, if the Terps want to get a signature win to help their NCAA tournament cause, this would be a good start.

Maryland has a 36-33 lead against the Villanova Wildcats after the half. The Terps star center, Jordan Williams, has had an excellent half with 16 points and 9 rebounds, 1 rebound away from having his 11tht straight double, which would tie Len Elmore's school record. 

The good thing for Maryland is that they are getting good play from others players besides Williams. The Terps are getting good contributions from seniors Dino Gregory, Adrian Bowie and Cliff Tucker, both on the defensive and offensive side of the floor. 

So far, this game is resembling the Duke game from this past Sunday, where the Terps hung tough with the Blue Devils before eventually falling. If the Terps want to make this lead stand, they will need to continue to play good defense, and let Williams do his thing. He is dominating the game on both sides of the floor and if he can continue his pace (as well as hit some free throws), the Terps may finally be able to get a signature upset victory this season.