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Randy Edsall To Interview To Become Maryland Football Coach Sunday, According To Report

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Many reports indicate that Randy Edsall of Connecticut is all set to become Maryland's next football coach, but that isn't necessarily the case. As it turns out, the Terps are merely putting Edsall through the interview process Sunday night before making their ultimate decision on Monday, according to Jeff Barker of the Baltimore Sun.

Maryland will name a new head football coach on Monday, a source familiar with the process said.

The announcement of the new coach will come after Connecticut head coach Randy Edsall -- who has emerged as a serious contender -- is interviewed by top Maryland officials.

Two other coaches went through the same process Edsall is expected to go through, according to Barker. One is Texas Tech coach Mike Leach, who remains a candidate for the position according to Barker's source. The other was not identified and declined the position anyway. 

This report jives with one by ESPN's Joe Schad that the Terps have decided on Edsall. Still, SB Nation's Maryland blog Testudo Times believes Edsall will eventually be Maryland's next coach.

Quite honestly, if Leach had interviewed back on Thursday and was on campus, I feel that we would've heard of an offer by this point. After all, the self-imposed deadline of Jan. 4 is just days away. And by the way, Edsall's not a "major setback" kind of guy.