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Morning Commute: This Was The Kind Of Game The Second Best Team In The Conference Wins

Yesterday we posted an article about the Maryland basketball team potentially being the second best team in the ACC, next to those jerks from Durham who shall remain nameless. After last night's performance, I'm really starting to wonder if that really is the case.

Virginia Tech isn't a bad team by any means. But they are beatable, especially if you are playing at home and you're supposed to be the second best team in the conference. But the Terps didn't play that way, like at all. They got down early and never really put any serious fear into the hearts of the Hokie faithful.

Jordan Williams extended his double-double streak, barely. Three of the Maryland starters - Dino Gregory, Sean Mosley, and Pe'Shon Howard - combined for only eight points. Eight! It's hard to win when you only get 32 points from your starting lineup, and only one player is in double figures off the bench. In fact, I'm not even entirely sure how they got to 57 points at all, that might have just been a gift from the hometown scorekeeper.

Let's just chalk this one up as a bad night, ok? This is a very young basketball team. They have a lot of talent, but they need more experience playing in serious conference games before they can claim to be one of the elite teams. But the second best team in the conference shouldn't be 1-3 in their first four games, even if one of them came against the Blue Devils. O, my bad. I promised myself I wouldn't mention them.

The bottom line is this: A basketball team is only as good as its record, and right now, their record isn't that of the second best team in the conference.

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