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Mike Leach On Maryland Football Coach Opening: Officials Didn't Contact Him After His Interview

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In light of Maryland officially announcing that Randy Edsall will be its next football coach, it's worth wondering just what exactly happened to former Texas Tech coach Mike Leach, the reported front-runner for the position. All indications are that the Maryland brass just felt Leach was too big of a risk, considering the way he went out at Texas Tech.

But we still hadn't heard from Leach himself, until now. On his Sirius XM show on Monday, Leach said that Maryland never contacted him after he came for an in-person interview last Thursday. Via Jeff Barker of the Baltimore Sun, who was a guest on Leach's show.

Leach said he has not heard anything from Maryland since leaving College Park. His interview -- it was his second with the school -- ended Thursday and the school hired Connecticut coach Randy Edsall on Sunday.

"I don't really have much comment on the process or any of that. I think Maryland is a good job and I think my record speaks for itself over 10 years. Clearly no one's got a graduation that even approaches 80 percent, which is what we had at Tech," Leach said.

Leach said he thought the interview went well, but that you never know in these situations because it's tough to figure out what everyone is thinking. Clearly, he sounds like a person upset he didn't get the job, but life will go on for him and for Maryland.