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Why Duke's Loss To St.John's Might Be A Bad Thing For The Terps

With Duke falling to St. Johns today in embarrassing fashion, you better believe Gary Williams is taking notice. Not because Duke was exposed by the Red Storm, but because he knows his team could be in for a tougher battle on Wednesday night against the Blue Devils.


Duke had it's worst performance of the year today, with stretches of the game where they were playing as poorly on defense as any Coach K team ever has. It was a humiliating defeat, but you know Mike Krzyzewski will get his team to play better when they come to College Park on Wednesday night. Part of him being such a great coach is that he prevents his teams from going on extended rough patches, and that could spell trouble for the Terps.


The Maryland-Duke game is always a tough game, but the fact that the Blue Devils are coming off such a terrible loss could spring them to start fast against the Terps. Gary Williams is probably aware of this and will stress to his players the importance of not thinking Duke is any worse than they actually are after this loss, because this Terp team still hasn't shown the ability to beat a ranked squad yet this year.


And while Duke will now look to respond to this loss with a win at Maryland, the Terps need to worry about taking care of business when they play the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets tonight.