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Maryland Vs. Georgia Tech: Jordan Williams Leads Terps To 35-34 Halftime Lead

A clear theme has emerged in the first half of this key ACC game between Maryland and Georgia Tech. It's the interior game of Maryland, led by Jordan Williams, against the perimeter game of Georgia Tech, led by Iman Shumpert. At halftime, the Terps have the upper hand, leading 35-34.

Williams is doing his part, with 11 points on 4-4 shooting. He has tailed off a bit after a strong start, mostly because the Terps haven't really looked for him in the post. He already has nine rebounds as well, dominating the smaller Yellow Jackets. In order to take advantage of him, though, Maryland needs to give him the ball, something that has plagued them often this year.

Shumpert, meanwhile, is not doing much, with just seven points, but he emerged with two key buckets late in the half. The attention Maryland has placed on him has freed up room for many others. Glen Rice Jr. is leading the way, with 10 points and 10 rebounds already, as Georgia Tech has managed to hang in despite shooting just 34 percent from the field. 

The winner of this game will move to 4-3 in the conference, which will tie them with Clemson, Virginia Tech and Boston College.