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Defensive Coordinator Don Brown To Remain With Maryland Football Team

While Maryland fans were a bit lukewarm on the program's decision to hire Randy Edsall to be its next football coach, things would have gotten a lot worse if the decision cost them all of their assistant coaches. Many have already left to go to coach for former offensive coordinator James Franklin at Vanderbilt. Luckily, though, it looks like the most important assistant in the eyes of many is sticking around.

Defensive coordinator Don Brown will reportedly stay with Edsall and the Terps, though perhaps in a different position, according to Steve Yanda of the Washington Post.

Don Brown and Lee Hull will remain members of Maryland's football staff under new coach Randy Edsall, a source with direct knowledge of the situation said Tuesday. It is unclear at this point whether Brown and Hull will retain the same positions they held under former coach Ralph Friedgen or whether they will be re-assigned.

Brown has served as Maryland's defensive coordinator the past two seasons. Hull has been Maryland's wide receivers coach for the past three seasons.

Brown was seen as the underrated key to Maryland's success last season, spurring an improved performance from the defense. Hull, meanwhile, was likely the guy that helped spur Torrey Smith to new heights this year. SB Nation D.C.'s Jordan Ruby noted the importance of keeping Brown here.

Edsall has to do everything he can to keep defensive coordinator Don Brown. Even though they are both defensive guys who run different schemes, that players love Brown and he will be a tremendous advantage in recruiting players on that side of the ball. Unfortunately, Brown has developed a bit of a wandering eye according to some reports. Edsall has reportedly expressed interest in retaining him, so it seems totally up to Brown. But I know a lot of fans and players would be a lot more comfortable if he stuck around.    

Edsall is bringing two of his Connecticut assistants over with him, including his offensive coordinator.