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Randy Edsall Will Receive Five-Year Contract To Be Maryland Football Coach

Because it's Maryland, finances will always be newsworthy, especially when it comes to finding its new football coach. Randy Edsall of Connecticut, of course, ended up being the one who took the job, but what kind of contract would he receive? Apparently, he will get a five-year contract, according to Steve Yanda of the Washington Post.

Maryland football coach Randy Edsall is expected to sign a five-year deal with the school, a source with direct knowledge of the situation said Tuesday.

That means that Edsall will be under contract for exactly as long as the man that hired him. Athletic director Kevin Anderson signed a five-year contract back in October.

It's not yet clear how much Edsall will earn, because the details are still being worked out. However, in his press conference on Monday, Anderson said that Edsall will make roughly as much as outgoing coach Ralph Friedgen. That would represent a step up for Edsall on the pay grade, as he only made around $1 million at Connecticut last year.