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Maryland Vs. Colgate: Terrapins Dominate In All Facets Of 95-40 Win

If you're a Maryland Terrapins fan, this game was probably pretty fun for you. And it gives us just a shred of hope that Maryland is finding its best lineup and may even be gaining some momentum prior to the toughest challenge of the season this Sunday night against the Duke Blue Devils.

As discussed by SB Nation's Terrapins blog Testudo Times, one critical element of the game was yet another change to the starting lineup, and it worked out well for the Terps tonight.

We'll get more to performances in a minute, but there was one extremely important development today: the starting lineup changed (again). Terrell Stoglin took the place of Pe'Shon Howard in the starting lineup, who had recently replaced the enigmatic Cliff Tucker. The lineup shows a lot of promise and seems by far Maryland's best lineup for half-court offense. No one other than Stoglin has shown the ability to take pressure off Jordan Williams in the post, so him starting is a good sign. He's not an ideal point guard and is more of a scoring-first combo guard, but right now, that's fine  for Maryland.

Adrian Bowie led all scorers for Maryland with 16 points tonight, while Stoglin, Tucker, Williams, and Dino Gregory each contributed 12 points. The Terrapins also shot an impressive 42.9% from behind the arc, including three three-pointers from the hot-shooting Stoglin.

Maryland will need to continue that accuracy on Sunday as they travel to Cameron Indoor Stadium to take on the top team in the country.