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Maryland Vs. Duke: Can The Terps End Their Recent Trend Of Double Digit Losses At Cameron Indoor Stadium?

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The Maryland Terrapins will take on the Duke Blue Devils tonight in Cameron Indoor Stadium, a place that has haunted them in recent seasons.

In their last three games at Cameron, the Terps have lost by double digit totals each time. The most embarassing game came two seasons ago when Duke handed the Terps a 85-44 beat down, Maryland's worst loss since 1963.

Even last year, a season in which the Terps had a share in the ACC regular season title, the Blue Devils routed the Terps 77-56. 

So how can this game be any different than the others?

Do the Terps have a chance to keep the game close and perhaps do the impossible and win? Sure. They have one of the best coaches in the country, one of the best interior scorers in the country in Jordan Williams, and younger, scrappier squad that can catch fire at any point. In this rivalry, Duke has always had the better talent, but Maryland at it's best has always been  a well coached, selfless, cohesive unit.  


This year's squad has plenty of newcomers in the back court, with freshmen guards who at this point are still raw. That may cost them tonight against Duke's more experienced guards. The young Terps will have to learn to shake the early Cameron jitters, as they will surely get rattled early. But in order to stay competitive, they'll have to walk into Cameron with a Greivis Vasquez-like swagger and make sure to keep it that way all night.

Even though this rivalry may not be what it used to be, at any point things can change with one key win. Perhaps tonight can be that night.