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Maryland Vs. Duke: No. 1 Blue Devils Lead By Only 1 At Halftime

With the way this game started, things could be so much worse.

The Duke Blue Devils opened with a 7-2 lead at the first timeout, and Maryland's top scorer and all-around best player Jordan Williams exited to the bench with his second foul. Things weren't looking good for our Terrapins at Cameron Indoor Stadium, and it was easy to be afraid that we were about to witness yet another double-digit loss.

But that might not be the case tonight.

The Maryland Terrapins are giving Duke a game. Maybe more of a game than they've faced at home all year. The Blue Devils lead by only one point at halftime.

Kyle Singler is leading all scorers so far with 14 points, while Williams has 12 points for Maryland, despite his two early fouls. The Blue Devils have a slight edge in rebounding. Maryland will need to limit Duke's secondary opportunities. Getting some control over their foul trouble would also be a big help.

Maryland was leading late in the half, but Singler's tip with just three seconds remaining gave Duke the lead heading into the break.